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There is something so magical about how things fade over time. They share the story of what they have been through by their appearances. I think that is why I am drawn to flea markets and antique stores. I want to discover what each piece has gone through.

A family friend, Kathe Fraga creates beautiful paintings based on the faded wallpapers of old Parisian mansions. She is able to capture the fading and life in each of her paintings. Even more exciting, she has turned some of her works of art into pillows. I love this idea because, if you keep the rest of the room relatively simple, the pillow stands out and you don't need extra artwork.

Here is how I would style my two favorite pillows from her collection. See below for more information on how to purchase…

For the first bedroom, I loved the warm sunny feeling of the pillow. I wanted to add a little bit of a graphic pattern from the sheets and rug to keep it modern. The wood and sisal texture add warmth as well. Doesn't this seem like a beautiful place to cozy up and read a book in the sun?

For the second bedroom, it is based off a pillow with a lovely painting of two birds on a minty teal background with cherry blossoms. I decided to bring in black to counterbalance the airiness of the pillow. The room is simple and allows the pillow to shine as the one moment of color.

Each design is available in silk or in linen. Sizes: 18x18 ($225) or 20x20 ($250) email kathe@kathefraga.com if you would like to order.

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