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Gourmand Gifts

One of my favorite gifts to give is food because let's be honest, everyone likes it and it can be a truly local treat. Here are my top 5 suggestions for foodies in your life. 

Be forewarned, after reading this post, you may be hungry. 

1. Frog Hollow Farm - Orange Marmalade

I am not a orange marmalade fan but this is absolutely the best. Like so good that you will find something in your pantry to put it on. It also travels well and makes a good present for the hostess or buy a gift pack for you mom or grandma. 

2. Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel, literally "flower of salt," has been gathered on the island of Ré, off France's Atlantic coast, since the seventh century. It is a favorite of executive chefs and home cooks alike, these fine, light crystals have a delicate flavor and high concentration of minerals.

3. Tell Tale Preserve Basket

As I eagerly anticipate the store opening in 2011 on Maiden Lane, these monthly deluxe, local-ingredient based gift baskets are the perfect and unique treat for you or someone else. For $35 ea. 

4. Cupcakes from That Takes the Cake

My favorite cupcake shop in SF, That Takes the Cake has THE best cupcakes. My favorite is the Prom Queen (real Strawberry cake and frosting) but that isn't in season now, so try one of their special holiday flavors or buy 6 for the holiday party you are going to. Mmmm.

5. Tcho Chocolate

In true San Francisco style, Tcho shepherds their chocolate through the whole process from bean to bar. They work with farmers to grow the chocolate and help them make their farm as profitable and efficient as possible. They have four different "flavors" which are not really flavors but come from different locations so have a different taste. As a bonus the bars come colorfully and beautifully packaged. 

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