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Hope and Grace

Last week, a past co-worker of mine, Luis Pena, debuted his movie "Hope and Grace". The movie follows a brother and sister in their quest to rebuild their community after the earthquake in Haiti. The documentary was beautifully edited and filmed. It told the story of people who are selflessly giving back to people in their community who are powerless to help themselves.

I am picky with the organizations that I give to because often only a small portion of the money goes to the people who need it most. The money given to "We Hear Your Voice" goes directly to the orphans that the sister watches and the people in the tent city that the brother oversees. After watching the movie, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the immensity of the disaster in Haiti but, as Luis commented, you do what you can to make a difference. 

I wanted to share this organization with you because it is the holiday season and there can be no better thing to do than give back. Hopefully after exploring the site, you will also be moved by the efforts of everyone working on this project. This is truly a special organization. 

Please click the here to see the website and contribute to their cause. A preview of "Hope and Grace" is on the site. 


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