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looking for hobnailed milk glass

After visiting the Alameda flea market this past weekend, I've decided to start collecting milk glass (in green and white). I picked up a lamp base and a small box and I just can't stop thinking of collecting more. 

According to Martha Stewart "Milk glass, widely produced in the United States and England from 1835 through the 1980s, was an inexpensive substitute for the luxurious tableware many could not afford. Milk glass, as you would expect, is the color of milk: a rich, glistening white. Because milk glass has been in constant production since the 1860s, there are many pieces to choose from, including lamps, butter dishes, cold-cream jars, and goblets."

It looks beautiful assembled together:

 And with flowers...


Or it can stand on its own as a modern piece...

I'm thinking mostly white with a few green pieces:

So keep your eye out and begin your collection!

Hope and Grace

hand drawn