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Random Musings from Sun Valley

We have yet to hit the slopes (tomorrow's the day) but Sun Valley has really been lovely so far. The days since we have been here have been filled with reading, scrap-booking and enjoying our surroundings. 

While sitting by the window working on my sister's scrapbook of her Paris trip, this little guy showed up at the window. After further research we determined that he is an ermine (yes the kind they make coats out of, poor guy) We named him Herman the ermine. He's pretty cute.

I am also reading a very interesting book about the history of various parts of the home. Before you yawn, check it out. It is from celebrated author Bill Bryson and moves along at a quick pace keeping the reader very interested.

Right now we are on our way for a winter walk around the neighborhood. Hope you are having a lovely break so far and if you are at work, not working too hard.


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