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Secret Winter Wardrobe

You know those days when you get out of bed and you feel like wearing your pjs to work? Well I've got a secret for you--wearing a black long-sleeve t-shirt/sweater (for the colder climates) plus accessories. (Please note: In my casual work environment, I can get away with a lot so I might not recommend to those in formal work places.) It looks polished and professional while still being comfy. 

Here are my top picks:

First start with a black t-shirt (pick your poison)

J.Crew (classic)

Nordstrom (trendy)

Ann Taylor (soft)

Plus +

A pretty, updated classic necklace

Or a colorful, patterned scarf,

Or a black and white one...

Perhaps add a feminine vest...

Or a radiant pin...

Hopefully you can see, the possibilities are endless. Happy matching!

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