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Top 11 Reasons to Love January 2011

I must admit that January is not on the top of my list as the most exciting month of the year but this time, I am determined to look at it positively. Here are 11 reasons to be excited about January:

1. Your weekends are free again

2. A chance to use all of the gifts that you got over the holidays.

3. A long weekend for MLK day.

4. Still a sense of optimism about your New Years resolutions.

5. Excuse to drink wine and read by the fire--it is still winter.


6. There are still Christmas cookies in the freezer.

7. Now's the perfect time to plan your Spring vacation.


8. Embrace furry winter coats and play in the snow.  

marie claire 

9. After plenty of December family time, it's YOU time in January. 


10. A chance to try something new--a new recipe, a new gym class.

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11. You are one month closer to spring. Pick out a beautiful bouquet to remind yourself.


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