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4 Investment Pieces for Your Home

Happy Monday!

Fashion magazines are always giving advice on the best closet staples that will go from season to season, year to year. The same thing exists for your apartment/home. If you are on a budget there are some things to save your money on and some to skip. Here are my 4 recommendations.

SAVE: Throw Pillows 
SPEND: Pillows that You Sleep On

These days you can get pretty throw pillows nearly everywhere. If you invest in the insert upfront (usually $10-$20 depending on the stuffing) you can switch out covers as your style changes.

The pillows that you sleep on determine how well you sleep and we all knows what happens when you don't get enough sleep (lower immune system, unhealthy skin, the list goes on...) So pay a little more for your sleeping pillow. Ironically, as I am typing this I remembered that I did get a nice pillow from IKEA that I loved. So, it doesn't mean you need to spend a lot, just make sure you spend enough to find a pillow that works for you.


SAVE: Living Room Accessory Furniture
SPEND: Couch  

Think about it, what are the two pieces of furniture in your house that you use the most? If you took away everything I bet you would want your couch and bed. Today, the difference in price between an IKEA couch that might last 1 or 2 apartments and a Pottery Barn or West Elm couch that will put in several good years, is a few hundred dollars. It is worth the investment. After a long day at work, sometimes (who am I kidding, usually) I want to stretch out on the couch and catch up with the Beverly Housewives. The rest of your living room furniture can be found at flea markets and bought from IKEA or West Elm but the couch is really worth the investment.


SAVE: Headboard
SPEND: Mattress

As mentioned above, the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the apartment/house. It is where you spend 7+ hours a day and what recharges you to allow you to do all of the things in your life. In my opinion, spend money on the mattress and don't spend too much on a headboard. The headboard of your bed is one of those things that doesn't really serve much of a purpose other than decorative (and some support for reading in bed). If you are on a tight budget get the nice, comfortable mattress and buy a headboard when you have more money to spend.


SAVE: Overall Decoration
SPEND: 1-2 Pieces that you really love

While it is important to have a budget, it is also important to start to build a collection of items that you absolutely love and will take with you your whole life. These things can make a room feel expensive. Like in fashion, if you can mix high and low priced items, the lower priced items immediately rise to the occasion. It's your place, why shouldn't you have something that makes you happy to just look at it. It could be an antique mirror, a Jonathan Adler vase, an old trunk that you use as a coffee table, some vintage photos you bought at a flea market...anything.


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