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For the Gentlemen...

Now that one of the most girly of holidays of the year has passed, it's time to focus on the gentlemen in our lives. 

As I am sure that you have noticed, I favor more feminine styles but sometimes its all about finding a balance. Just because you are trying to create a place that is more gentlemen friendly, doesn't mean you need to give up any of your style. 

Here are several rooms that seem to strike the balance between being a little bit masculine while still having some delicate feminine elements. 

This room is neutral but not boring at all. The details like the striped wallpaper and the glamorous table keep it feminine while the pops of black keep it grounded and sophisticated. The other important thing to note is all of the texture (frames, stacked books etc.)

This room from the new Esquire Home Collection, is very masculine but still feels inviting. To make it more feminine I would probably remove either two of the leather chairs or the leather couch and replace with a fabric couch to break up the leather and maybe add some patterned, colorful throw pillows.

To me this bedroom strikes a balance between feminine and masculine. The sheets are very feminine but the dark wood brings everything together and keeps it from being too frilly. 

Along the same lines, this duvet set from West Elm in this beautiful dusty slate blue color provides interesting texture and when paired with this headboard really comes together nicely.

Another option from West Elm is this bedding which I am really loving...

To round it up...here is a list of some essentials to keeping the balance.

Beautiful Pictures

Happy Valentine's Day to all!