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May I get you a tray for that?

Trays are one of the most useful decorating accessories because they contain the clutter. They can be used in the living room as a hard surface on an ottoman to set drinks, or in the kitchen to serve treats or in the bedroom to display perfumes. 

There are as many trays as the functions they serve, here are some of my favorites... 

I lust after these fabulous monogram trays from IOMOI. Wouldn't it be the most wonderful present to get a monogrammed one?

Talk about a pop of color (and some hardware with attitude).

A piece of art itself. Perfect for next to your bedside table.

Create a small table with a tray + a stand.
Make your jewelry the center of attention.

Delicate flowers bloom from this lovely white tray.

Must Listen: Adele "Rolling in the Deep"

Chocolate + Art = How can you go wrong?