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Spring Shopping List

Here is my list of must-haves to update the wardrobe for spring...

1. Leather wedge sandals
Medium height, brown leather, like these from Aerosoles that are a good height (and hopefully comfy too!)

2. A Lightweight Jacket
I get a new one for my "collection" nearly every year. They go with everything and protect from the SF fog. I like this one because of the feminine ruffles.
3. Something white and lacy
Perfect for bridal showers and brunches. Match with the above shoes and chunky jewelry to toughen it up a bit.

4. A bright, artsy scarf 
To spice up my existing wardrobe (and add to my growing collection of scarves)

 5. A piece of jewelry with a tassel
This has an antique feel and it will swing as you walk. 

6. A new pair of shades
I do live in California so this is a must. It is amazing how a different pair of sunglasses can change your look. 

What's on your list for spring shopping?

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