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Sunday Flea Market Finds

This weekend I attended the Alameda Flea Market and was more successful than ever before. I can't wait for the new apartment so I can really build my collection. Here are my finds for a combined total of $100. Score!

1. Seniors Crest - $5
I am having visions of attaching this to my blazer or a plain sweater to prep it up a bit. I love that it has the date of 1918 on there.

2. Pin - $17
So I guess I am on a bit of a preppy kick, I also found this very regal pin and couldn't resist. Can't get much more fancy-pansy than this.

3. Drusy Slab - $30
Next I picked up this beautiful chunk of rock. My fascination with rocks (all kinds, including diamonds) began at an early age. I love the fact that they are nature's element of glamor. This picture doesn't do this sparkling beauty justice. 

4. Trunk - $50
My pride and joy, my trunk. I have been looking for a trunk to turn into a coffee table for months. I have been looking on ebay and on there, they run about $400. Granted the ones on ebay are nicely refinished but imagine the costs of shipping such a large piece! 

After searching the flea market all day, I had several goldie locks moments, this trunk is too big that trunk is too small and then landed on this beauty. I love it because it has pretty detailed painting, origional travel stickers, the travelers name on the top and it is just the right size. It will have to occupy the corner of my bedroom until I move but it is well worth it. Any seriously, who can beat the price?! 

It almost didn't make it home with me since I have a VW Beetle and it had to ride in the front seat but it has found its new home. I might attempt to do a little restoration on the really beat-up areas but I think that it gives it character amongst the newer pieces.

Overall, a very, very successful trip!! If you haven't gone yet, you should seriously check it out. It is so much fun!

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