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At long last...my place

I am so excited to share these with you. I am kind of in love with my new place. Can't wait for you to come over...

The bed looks so nice in that corner! Still need to find a tiny side table.

Love how the TV fit on my console. And my collection of white pottery looks fab.

I even had enough room in the closet for artwork!

I got these silhouettes at a flea market and kind of in love.  I also am in need of a tiny shade for my flea market lamp. Wanted to keep my desk simple and clean.

Love how the DIY under sink curtain turned out (I ended up using safety pins) The kitchen cart also is nice to add to the counter space.

Close up of trunk. Had to get flowers to spruce up the place and make it feel like home. Also, note that I moved the striped rug to the living room. Love how it ties all of the colors together.

Kitchen nook. Add a little color with the rainbow bowls and cookbooks.

Close-up of my kitchen cart. Love love!

Hope you guys like it. More detailed pics eventually but wanted to get these up and reward you for your patience. I'm so happy in my new home.

Colorful Classic

The prettiest color for spring...mint