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To Market, To Market

I realized last night that it is the first weekend of the month...that means flea market time. I can't wait because I have a list of things I am looking for. I find it is easier to go with a list then you don't just buy random things(sometimes that's good too) I was so inspired by my earlier post and loved Corrina's collection, that I can't wait to go.

Here's my list for this weekend:

- Side table for next to my bed (need the measurements for this!)
- Frames for my photo collage (thinking gilt or mod to go with my traditional black frames that I have now and make them more unique) 
- Bench (maybe for the entryway, if I can find the right one. I would like a rustic one that you could actually sit on as the one now is filled with breakable knickknacks)

One of my flea market essentials is a sturdy bag. I got two of these Baggu reusable totes as a gift and I really have been enjoying them. I know what you are thinking...Lauren, why would I need another reusable bag when everyone is giving me one (from Safeway to the local hardware store). Well I sort of think these are different. For one they come with their own pouch to contain them (and just throw them in your purse) and two, they are in such cute prints. Trust me on this one. ;-)

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