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Perfect Balance

Sorry folks that it has been awhile since my post last week. I had a fabulous, relaxing time in Palm Springs and came back rejuvenated to my busy life.

I'd like to think that this house, posted on Chapman Interiors, comes pretty close to describing my style. It is comfortable with antique and distressed touches. 

I love the distressed leather couch in contrast with the dramatic gilt chairs. Also, love the organic chandelier. 

Another view of the room. Look how those bright green pillows pop! 

How amazing would it be to have a giant statue like that in your house? Another thing to note, the white walls. Proof that you can have a beautiful home without relying on paint!

They saved their color for the kitchen. It is fun, retro and soothing all at the same time. 

What a cozy looking room. Note the simple flea-market frames set above the bed and the fabulous pops of cobalt. 

This is probably my favorite image. It is so modern and sleek while incorporating vintage touches like the mannequin, which make it warm and inviting.  

Having a Gardenia Moment

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