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Surprise Trip

No, I'm not headed out of town. This Memorial Day, I'll be enjoying a little downtime in SF as well as my favorite activities...

- spending time with friends
- flea marketing
- eating delicious meals
- finally watching "Bridesmaids"

On the topic of flea marketing. You will notice that this weekend is NOT the first weekend of the month so why, ask you, would I be going to a flea market? They are trying a new flea market on the aptly named Treasure Island. I'm off to check in out Saturday. If you are interested in going (and have a +1) check out this deal on Groupon. 

The great island (lovely city views)...

As always I'll report back with a few treasures hopefully (ok that was cheesy) but we'll hope for some good things.

In particular, I am looking for...

Old fashioned champagne glasses for drinks with my ladies...

A boudoir bench for the closet...

And everyone already knows, this girl can never get enough of silver trays (a habit inherited from my mother), jewelry and random objects

If you are in the Bay check out the website for more details. 

Happy long weekend. I've got some fabulous posts for us next week so stay tuned!

Ta-Da The Final Room

Laid Back Jewelry