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It's a Toss Up

Ah the throw pillow. To me the throw pillow can be a room maker, or in some cases a room breaker. That means that they are hard to come by. Here are some tips and a few of my current favorites:

Matchy-matchy is not always better. Keep within the same color scheme and you can vary the patterns or keep with similar patterns and vary the colors. Either one or the other. 

Less is really more. Nothing is worse than trying to sit on someone's couch and being pushed off by too many pillows. Keep it between 3-5 and always make sure you have an odd number. 

Have fun. Of all places to go crazy with pattern and texture, this is it. Then in a few years when you are not into zebra any more, you can change it out for minimal cost. Have fun in this part of your decorating. 

Now...here are some of my recent favorites:

This global and netural pillow will play nice with others while still being interesting. (CB2)

Multi-colored pom-poms is a must have. I mean hello, instant fun. (CB2)

I've sung the praises of this pillow before but it is really a statement-making beauty. (Urban Outfitters)

I couldn't pick just one from Room Service because they have the most fabulous pillows. They are truly art for your sofa. I am lusting after the royal ones. 

 Etsy is also a great place to pick up affordable pillows. I like these in particular...


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