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Jewelry Bender

If you only know one thing about me know this, I love jewelry. When I want to reward myself or make myself happy I buy jewelry. Period. As simple as that. 

Well this weekend was quite a weekend for jewelry buying. Here it goes...

First on Friday, I went to Favor (as I had planned) to purchase the most amazing stingray bracelet. It's part ladylike, part rockstar. My friend (Brittni, whose beautiful wrist is featured here) also bought a shiny gold one. Here they are in all of their glory...

Next on the jewelry extravaganza, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair (as mentioned in my weekend post) Not only did I purchase some pieces but was overall inspired by the vendors that were there. I grabbed some cards so look forward to seeing posts about the artists in the coming weeks. 

From Alana Douvros I picked up this fun necklace. It is colorful yet classic, sure to be worn many times in the next few months...

Last but definitely not least, I picked up this sweet, wear-everyday necklace from this awesome shop called Stone & Honey (post later on in the week about this talent shop).

all pictures taken by me!

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