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Sunday Night Meal

The best kind of homemade meal is 1) Easy to make, 2) Yummy to eat and 3) Can be eaten multiple times.

Enchiladas are my go-to Sunday night recipie because I can literally eat it all week. If I make one pan I can eat about 3 dinners and 2 lunches from it (I usually get pretty sick of it by the end).

I favor veggie options because it makes the prep easier (no shredding of the chicken). My secret is this amazing mole sauce (buy it at Whole Foods).

Here is the recipie of what I made this week. 

First I took corn and boiled it. Then I quickly put it in a pan and seared it adding a little, smoky flavor. I also cooked a plantain to add some flavor variety.

Then turn your oven to 375 degrees. In a large rectangular pan pour half a can of red enchilada sauce to line the bottom of the pan. Take a packet of corn tortillas and in each tortilla layer mole sauce with a handful of corn, cooked plantains, goat cheese and spinach. 

Roll up and place end facing down in the pan. Line up 6 lengthwise and two above.

Once you have lined up all of the enchiladas pour the remaining sauce over the pan. Layer on top of everything, one packet of mexican cheese blend.

Bake covered in foil for 45 minutes until heated through. Remove foil at 45 minutes, turn on broil until cheese bubbles and browns. 

Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and enjoy. I think it even tastes better the next day!

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