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Tomato Time?

I will admit I am a little intimidated when it comes to risky fashion trends. When skinny jeans first came out I was skeptical and even more so when people started tucking them into their boots. Now I can't imagine my closet without either of those two things. 

I have a feeling this trend will be the same way. Tomato red has been popping up for the last couple months. Not in a little way like on fingernails but in a BIG way, like pants. Well, I for one am ready for this trend. I have these lovely ladies as inspiration...


The Satorialist, J.Crew, Google Images

Here are my favorite (and more importantly, wearable) tomato red pieces. 

I tried this on and it is so comfortable. Love it. ($98)

This is also a cute Anthro option.

J.Crew is all about the tomato red this season. 

Who's with me?

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Stills from Sunday at the Farmers Market