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Equal Balance

A question that I get a lot is "how do I combine my style with my new roommate, my boyfriend?" While my style admittedly does skew feminine, I have a few ideas for this.

First you can keep the colors clean (and gender neutral) with grays and creams. Then add in pops of colors in the form of accessories (re:non-floral pillows) Finally layer on a vintage vibe through brass elements and collected items like a collection of vintage glass bottles or pictures.

Ultimately you do have to be willing to compromise (as does he!) but the end result can be interesting and comfortable for both of you. 

What are your favorite tips for combining styles?

Price List (all very affordable, might I add):

Sofa - Macy’s Morgan Sofa in Charcoal: $699
Accordian Side Table - Urban Outfitters: $64
Rolling Cart - Urban Outfitters: $169
Brass Bowl - Etsy
Blue Pillow - Etsy: $70
Cream Knit Pillow - West Elm: $34
Mirror - Z Gallerie: $199
Vintage Medicine Bottles - Etsy: $24
Curtains - West Elm: $49
Vintage Books - Etsy: $14
Ottoman - West Elm: $349

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