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New Site Walkthrough

As I mentioned last week, I was retweaking the blog. Well folks, welcome to the new site. I created everything on the site which was quite a feat for me!

Let me fill you in on the new features/design...


I wanted something that would reflect me. My coffee table layout (featured in several of my posts) was my main inspiration. 

So you combine stripes + flowers + antique =

I wanted the site to look like a collection of my things. That's why I chose the Polaroid-type border for my picture and a note for the message about the site.

It is simple, modern and most importantly, totally me.
I also added some new widgets that I am hoping help out with your experience. 
First we now have a poll. I will be changing this monthly. Please take a quick second to input your answers!

I have also added a button so that you can share on Facebook and twitter. I always appreciate any help spreading the word about the blog. Thanks!!
This is not a new feature but I wanted to make sure that you all know about it. It is the "Follow By Email" link. I know we all get a lot of emails but this will make sure that you see the brand new content. If you sign up here, you will receive an email with the newest post when it is posted. 

Quite a few people ask me what my favorite blogs are...here they are (and links are over --> in the side bar).
That's just a quick overview but please, please let me know if you see anything missing. 

As always, thank you for checking back every time and for being such an inspiration for me (i really mean that). This blog really means a lot to me.  You are the reason why I post every week.

Thank you.


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