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Fall TV Watch

A month after the pilot episodes, I feel like I can make a fair decision about the new crop of fall shows. The good news is that this fall is chock full of leading ladies who are smart and funny. Here are my picks...

New Girl (FOX)

Great show. Love Zoey--she shows that dorky can be cool and hilarious. I'm happy that there is a show that shows us girls to embrace who we are.

Hart of Dixie (CW)

While this show may be a little fluffy and silly sometimes, it is a refreshing new take on the doctor show. It's also nice to see Rachel Bilson back on TV. Plus she has an awesome wardrobe.

Up All Night (NBC)

What's not to love about Christina Applegate (I was such a fan of Samantha Who?) Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett. So funny. 

Pan Am (ABC)

This is my guilty pleasure. It is as fluffy as cotton candy but equally as fun. Jet setting, retro costumes and soap-opera-like storylines--perfect!

A Proper Halloween

Plants + Crowns