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Jewelry Chest

I love my jewelry. I have always loved it since I was little. I have been building up quite a collection and wanted to share a few special pieces with you. Its not that these are expensive but I love to wear them and they have sentimental value to me. 

I bought this necklace for my 21st birthday and I still wear it. I like the combination of metals. There is a similar one here

 This is the jewelry that I wear everyday. I got this watch for my graduation, the ring was from my birthday last year and I got the bracelet for my birthday this year. I love how they all go together.

I've been collecting vintage lockets for awhile. I love all three of these and have been wearing them interchangeably.

I bought this a few months ago at a vintage store and love its unique shape and pretty green color.

Those of you have been following for awhile know that I love peacock feathers. These anthropologie earrings remind me of their bright feathers.

I love J.Crew, its no secret. This bracelet that I bought is unexpectedly an everyday purchase. They are still selling something similar here.  

These earrings aren't anything but simple pearls but I couldn't show you my jewelry without them. I wear them most days and wouldn't have it any other way! Shop here.  

I bought this ring when I got a promotion a year ago. It is my favorite stone (Chalcedony)and it is from an amazing store out of Spain.
As you can see, I like rewarding myself with jewelry...I bought this ring when I got my first raise. I love the vintage 20s look of it and the iridescent moonstone. Its from this local store.

I got this ring while I was in Greece with my family. The color reminds me of the water in Santorini.

 Lastly, my sister gave me this bracelet from Madewell. I like to wear it casually with a t-shirt. The black metal keeps it modern and a little moody. 

Thanks for taking a little trip through memory lane with me! What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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