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Give Thanks

This weekend, I spent four lovely (rainy) days in Seattle with my family for Thanksgiving. This year we hosted it at my parents house. Our big group of 23 people filled the house with laughter and warmth. It was so nice to see people that we seldom get to catch up with. 

We decorated fairly traditionally with silver plates, acorns, yellow sunflowers, colorful glass candles and rolled silverware. 


Of course, besides the company, the best part of Thanksgiving is the delicious meal. We had turkey with all of the trimmings. Our menu was:

Smoked Salmon and Pesto Cream Cheese Dip
An easy but crowd pleasing appetizer

Fresh Lemony Hummus
My cousin made this yummy chunky-style hummus. 

Apple Waldorf Salad 
My mom's go-to holiday salad, garnished with pomegranate seeds

My aunts recipe that is delicious and orangey.

Gorgonzola and Breadcrumb Broccoli
What makes broccoli taste delicious? Cheese and breadcrumbs. The dish barely had the blue cheese taste and it was one of my favorites!

Brussels sprout and Cabbage Salad 
This was a new take on the traditional brussels sprout side dish. It pared nicely with the other vegetable dishes. 

Homemade pies (apple, pumpkin and apple cider cream pie)
All were delicious. I tried a sampling of all three. We also had the Frans salted caramels that I mentioned last week.

 Lastly, the second best part of Thanksgiving are the turkey sandwiches the day after. Yum.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. 

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