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Holiday Kisses

This holiday season you will no doubt be running around from party to party with little time to change and re-do your make-up. I would like to introduce you to three little wonders which will get you through this party season looking like you primped for hours. 

Meet the three fresh lip tints. They feel like lip balm but they have an amazing color that you can apply without a mirror and layer on until you reach the perfect shade. 

This little kit is only $28 for all three. Just stick them in your purse and choose your occasion.

Passion (red)
Perfect for: When you are feeling classic, date night, cocktail parties

Honey (Neutral)
Perfect for: Work, brunch

Plum (Dark Raspberry)
Perfect for: Christmas parties, holiday concerts

Sunday Night Meal: Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi

Team Edward