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Social Butterfly

The next step of expanding my blog has been to add a social media element in the form of Twitter and Facebook. My dear techie sister has stepped in as my Social Media Maven to help me with all things Twitter and Facebook. Although I am very familiar with both (I live in the land of these technonogies), it is nice to have another helping hand.  

For my Twitter feed I want to bring you up to the minute posts about cute things I see all around me. From my dinner at a new restaurant or the adorable jewelry I scope out at a little boutique--you will be able to find it all here. Follow me @livehappyblog 

Facebook will be another outlet to get up-to-the minute updates from live.happy.inspired. Please visit here to "like" our site! Several of you have been asking for this so now here's your chance. 

Hopefully these two things will be nice additions to your social media feed. As always I welcome your feedback. 

Thanks for being loyal followers and spreading the word!


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