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Stock the Cupboards: Appetizer Edition

As the holiday's approach I will be starting a new series called "Stock the Cupboards." During the holidays you never know when Great Aunt Mildred is popping over or you suddenly have to attend a cocktail party and I want you to be prepared. The last thing that you want to be doing during the holidays is making that last minute run to a crowded grocery store. 

Today we are tackling appetizers. Stay tuned for hostess gifts, wine, and deserts (feel free to comment below on what you would like to see!)

Appetizers are one of the easiest things to "make" during the holidays. If you have your go-to's it will be as easy as opening this and plopping that on a plate.

First off, everyone likes cheese (ok maybe not my lactose intolerant folks)and it is an easy go-to crowd pleaser. Brie is a popular choice and I like to use it as the base for my cheese plate. Cheese plates are the easiest thing to keep handy during the holidays because nearly all of these ingredients can sit in the cupboard and even be used after the holidays have passed. The only thing that is perishable is the cheese itself which can last in the fridge a few weeks (if you can resist it that long). 

I have outlined three options below ranging from easy to slightly more involved. Pick your poison.

A note on #2. Don't laugh, this may not be fancy but it sure is heck is delicious. Cut off the white rhine on the top and bottom of the slice of cheese. Layer jam on the top and wrap in the sheet of crescent dough. Put in the oven until golden brown. Complete recipe here.

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