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Sunday Night Meal: Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi

This weekend we had our first "fall/winter weather" which in San Francisco consists of a few sprinkles of rain, gloomy skies and blustery winds. One of my friends recommended this recipe and I immediately thought that it would be perfect for my Sunday night meal. 

I had previously thought that making gnocchi involved hours of rolling and waiting and shaping only to eat your meal in 20 minutes. This recipe is one of those that us mere mortals can tackle.  

It is surprisingly easy and yields the most delicious little nuggets of wintry perfection. The full recipe is here. They personally weren't sweet enough for me to have a strong contrast. Next time I might use butternut squash or yam puree. 

Side note: The recipe is from gojee an amazing online resource for delicious recipes. I signed up for free and can't wait to try more of their recipes. Yum!

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