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Yes--My Mantra

At the start of last year I decided to have courage in the things that I did. This morphed into a philosophy that I thought that I would share with you...its simple but it is hard. The philosophy is to say yes. I know I don't usually talk about personal things here on the blog but this has really turned on a lightbulb in my head so I thought it might help you too. 

A few things about saying yes. First, it doesn't mean that you become a "yes" person and get stomped all over like a doormat. It also doesn't mean that you say yes to anything that is dangerous(hopefully that is an easy one). 

What it does mean is that you open yourself up to trying new things and stop being so judgmental or close-minded. 

What has yes lead me to? Yes has lead me to.. 
parties where I didnt know anyone
house music dance class
a secret movie premiere
having dinner with someone new
art gallery openings
rooftop parties
and many more things 

The truth of the matter is that it is easier to say no. It is much easier to say "no I don't want to meet up, its too cold outside" or "no I dont want to go somewhere I dont know people" but you never know where yes can lead. 

To be honest, every few months or so I have to remind myself that I am saying yes because you can fall into the habit of saying no. But as soon as I start saying yes, my calendar fills up. I do fun things that I have never done before. I meet new people. I open myself up a little. 

Think about it today...what do you want to say no to but maybe could say yes and try something new.

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