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In the Land of Holly

Ok so the title is a wee bit cheesy but I couldn't resist. I am in LA this week/weekend for business, staying in a fab hotel (The London) in West Hollywood. I thought that it would be the perfect chance to re-visit one of my favorite decor styles--Hollywood regency. 

The lovely Julie over at Chapman Interiors blog summarized the style as being comprised of the following elements:

* Mixing styles/decades is a must
* Something influenced by our eastern friends.
* Graphic pattern.
* A black and white element.
* Brass/gold.
* At least one chrome thing.
* Bold color
* Punchy wall paper.
* Opulent light fixtures & oversize chandeliers.
* Details in vignettes.

My favorite parts? The brass and the black and white. I love shiny things what can I say?

How amazing is this black and white room? Bold, yes. Amazing, yes. 

Add in a little color (how amazing are those chairs?!)...

This space looks so cozy and inviting...

Wow, this is not a room that is very copy-able but I seriously love it. Again with the black and white...

And a few pics from the London where I am staying (not taken by me)...

Black and White Room, Yellow Room, Brown Room, Tiled Room, London Pic 1 and 2, Pic 3 

Holiday Dazzle

Take a Card