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To: Me, From: Me

It's hard to not buy presents for yourself when you are shopping for others (at least I have a hard time). 

I sort of bought some things this weekend while I was out. First was the book "Plenty" which I have been eying for awhile. The dishes look so yummy. I have a feeling that these recipes will be showing up in my Sunday night meals. 

I bought this necklace at the flea market. It is a vintage pocket watch clock (you can even see the gears working). I can tell I will be wearing it often. 

This was kind of a random but I sort of love it. It is a vintage microphone. I put it on my coffee table but I could see it living on my desk or in the future on a bookshelf.

Lastly, I bought myself a new Apple MacBook Air. My old Mac had seen better days and it was time to upgrade. I love my new computer (using it right now in fact) and want to take it with me everywhere. Best Christmas present ever. I'm so grateful for it.  

What present are you giving yourself this year?

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