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Art of the Scarf

Scarves and I are nothing new. I have about 2 dozen favorites that I use to dress up my basic tees. This Christmas I received this square scarf from Madewell and I think that it is going to change how I wear scarves. 

Square scarves started coming back a few years ago. They were mostly relegated to hipsters wearing plaid. A la...

Let's be honest, I'm no hipster. So the square scarf and I got off on the wrong foot. But then I had the idea to fold it on the diagonal so it was a long skinny scarf. I paired it with a black and white stripped shirt...the result: french chic.

Square scarves can provide a chic paris-in-the-fifties/sixties feeling. 

Anyone want to be like these ladies?
They prove that it is a very versatile accessory. Here are my current favorites...

Color Idea: Cobalt

Stocking Up