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Belizian Holiday

Finally! Time to share my much-anticipated pictures from Belize. There are some stunning ones below. I separated them out into the three legs of our trip. The trip was so amazing and relaxing and adventurous. It was also very inspirational and made me want to travel the globe! Enjoy. 

Location #1: Turtle Inn Placencia

This beautiful location was the most relaxing place ever. From the minute we stepped off of the place it was idyllic and so calming. My sister and I got to stay in our own hut complete with shell phone, indoor and outdoor showers and a jar full of freshly baked cookies. 

Location #2: Blancaneaux Lodge

Next we went up to the dense, jungly mountains. Here it was more about adventure and less about relaxation. 

Location #3: Victoria House Ambergris Cay

Our last location--back to the beach and the turquoise waters.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime amazing trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I wish I could go back to the tropical beaches and jungle (minus the mosquitos ;-) 


Amazing Weekend