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Hey everyone I need to let you in on a little secret. Your food-loving, can't stop eating sweets, would eat cake every day for breakfast blogger (me!) has been doing a juice cleanse for 2 days now. Today is my last day! This post is a little wordier (and longer!) than usual but I had so much to share about my experience.  

I wanted to wait until near the end to share with you because I have a few more insights now that I probably would of had at the beginning (and I wanted to know that I could actually do it!). 

First question everyone asks me is why? Why are you only drinking juice for 3 days? For everyone its different but for me it was about having a fresh perspective on eating. I have been known to eat every single meal out in a week. All of those extra-large portions and restaurant-style preparations (i.e. lots-o-butter) are not good when you have them all of the time--it is hard for your body to process all of that. I wanted to take away all of that and give my body a break. 

Second question...are you making your own juices? Answer: no way! I knew that I had to have it locked in for me to follow it. Otherwise I might get lazy and chicken out. I decided to do the Blueprint Cleanse out of NY. It seemed easy, people enjoyed the taste and the general feedback was positive. I will say that it was not cheap but I considered it an investment in me. It was like a spa treatment for my insides so I could splurge a little.

So off I went and said goodbye to solid foods for 3 days! 

On Tuesday morning my shipment came of all 18 juices. Embarrassingly I stocked them in the work fridge (in a drawer thank God) with a sign saying "Please don't touch, Lauren's food"

I drank my juice every other hour with green tea in between. There were some good flavors P.A.M (pineapple apple mint) and some flavors that didn't go down so easy (Carrot Apple Beet Ginger). I craved salt in the evening so I ended up having a 1/2 an avocado (on their approved "cheat" list) which totally filled me up (true story) My favorite of the drinks has to be the cashew milk with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. I will actually miss that and might make my own version. 

To summarize my experience: the first day was surprisingly easy (maybe I was full from the day before?) The second day was the roughest so far because I think my body realized it was only getting juice and not solid food. I was doing pretty good strength-wise but then in the afternoon I felt a little weak and headachy. Who knows what the third day will bring...I hear it is usually good!

Perhaps the better question is how do I feel. I feel pretty darn good for just drinking juice all day. I feel lighter, less bloated (sorry if thats TMI) and in general pretty energized. 

Which leads me to the most important part of this experiment, what am I going to take with me moving forward?

1. If you eat the right, meaning nutrient-packed, foods you dont need to consume a large quantity. For example if I ate a cup of chicken breast and kale I would be more full than eating a cup of pasta. It seems so logical but this experience really proved it to me. The body needs nutrients to survive so you can eat all of the pasta you want (not really) but it won't deliver on what the body needs.

2. I love food. I'm a foodie--that isn't really going to change. What is perhaps is that between those decadent meals, which should be a treat not a typical meal, I should be eating healthier and stocking up on nutrients. 

3. Breaking habits is hard. When was I the most hungry? When I was watching TV. That showed me that I probably mindlessly munch on things while I am in front of the TV. I associate watching TV with eating and that is a dangerous place to be in. I would like to start eating dinner at a table without the TV on.

4. I would like to start eating more nutritious meals and wasting less food. My favorite uber-healthy blog is My New Roots There are some awesome recipes that I would like to try. Here's a few of them:
- Homemade granola (I've done this before but would love to try again)
- Poppyseed crusted Butternut squash and kale salad 
- Lemony Leeks with Chickpeas and Feta
- Maybe even squeeze in some black bean cookies

Thanks for listening about my journey. I hope that we can enjoy some healthy treats together in the new year (and don't worry we can still sneak in some not-so-healthy ones too).

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