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Dreaming of a New Bed

When I first moved into my apartment I set everything up in a matter of days and haven't really messed with it since. I have been in my place for 7 months and have started to look around with the hope of changing things up a bit. 

Although my style isn't modern, I want to start infusing a few more modern touches to update my look. 

Here is my bed now:

I saw this pic a few months ago and I've been dreaming of it ever since:

First up the artwork...I found these amazing photos from Navid Bartay. I want to get one of them framed with a large mat to hang above my bed. 

Here's how I imagine it...

I can't wait to transition over. It might need to be a slow process because everything above is quite an investment! Sheet set, Fuzzy Pillow, square pillow, throw (google image)

Collage Wall

Pretty Petal Holder