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Stocking Up

After my cleanse last week, I have been trying to stay on the healthy wagon by making good choices while I'm out and cooking yummy, healthy food. 

On Friday night I tried the delicious leeks and chickpeas recipe I listed below from My New Roots. I also made the black bean cookies (which I admittedly need to perfect, they were a little too pancake-like) 

It is empowering when you figure out how to make healthy food that tastes good--long gone are the days when healthy food means bland and cardboard-like. We are so lucky to have access to fabulous recipes and talented bloggers online.

All of this new recipe trying lead me to a mini-shopping spree at Sur la Table this weekend. I'm excited to share my new gadgets with you!

Blue Bottle coffee (we'll get back to that)

Eggtimer - this nifty little gadget goes into the pot with the eggs to cook your eggs to perfection. I am a picky egg eater, I like them medium poached so I thought this was the perfect little tool for me.

Swiss peeler - sometimes the best kitchen tools are not the fancy ones but the classic, really simple ones. This tool may look simple but the blade is very sharp and it peels veggies better than anything else I've tried. 

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Pro - This little guy was why I went to Sur la Table in the first place. A lot of the recipes that I am using ask to place nuts, herbs, sauces etc. in a food processor. Since I have limited kitchen space and I usually only cook small qualities, I decided to get a mini-food processor(bonus, its less expensive). I'm not usually a pink girl but there was something that drew me to this color...shall we call her Lola?

Did I need this last purchase? Not really. But did I want it? Yes. It not only will look pretty in my kitchen but it will make delicious coffee for me to sip on during the weekend. It is a classic that will always have a place. I also bought the very best beans in SF from Blue Bottle. Yum!

Hopefully these tools will help me make some yummy meals. Stay tuned for more healthy cooking! Hope you are having a great weekend. 

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