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Morning in NY

While combing over the hundred pictures I took this past weekend in NYC I was thinking about how I would organize them and share them with you. 

New York has so many personalities. There is traditional Upper East Side, fashion-forward Soho and on and on. What I loved about my pictures was that as the day went on the city kept changing. My pictures in the morning were so different than in the evening. 

So I decided to group my pictures by time of day. And then one of just decorating because I did quite a bit of research on that over the weekend. 

So enjoy New York week on live.happy.inspired


Morning is magical in the city. I am used to the hustle and bustle of a city that has already gone on a run and done their grocery shopping by 10am. NY wakes up much later and in the morning the city is peaceful. The smells of warm pastries waft from tiny bakeries. People are walking their pampered dogs in Central Park. 
Places visited here left to right clock-wise:
1. Central park
2. Levain Bakery 
3. ABC Carpet (amazing bed) 
4. Central Park
5. Clinton Street Baking Co. 

Afternoon in New York

NYC Bound