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Nightlife in NYC

New York after dark. The lights are sparkling around the city. There is a buzz of anticipation for the night to come. 

New York is known for its nightlife. I can't say that I really partied it up while staying there but I did have a pretty incredible meal and had the opportunity to see the city glowing at night. 

I wore my favorite Madewell sequin dress. Wearing a sequin dress to dinner in SF would definitely stand out in a sea of denim but in New York it felt right. Also that swatch of wrapping paper seemed perfect for night time. It was deco and sparkly and fit the glam city atmosphere. 

Places visited from left to right clock-wise:
1. Walking around Upper East Side
2. Dinner at L'Artusi
3. Chandelier at the Mondrian SoHo
4. Paper in SoHo
5. Building on the Upper West Side

NYC Decorating

Afternoon in New York