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NYC Decorating

As you can imagine New York is full of decorating inspiration. I made sure to snap lots of pictures to make sure that I could carry a little bit of NY style home with me. Here are my favorite things that I saw (decor-wise)

1. Full on Glam

This was at the restaurant at the Mondrian SoHo. The decor was stunning. I like how they mixed layered chandeliers with terra cotta pots. They also had these amazing blue metal chairs that added a little quirkiness to the place. 

2. Collection of White Stones and Votive Holders at ABC. 

I just love how they lit this. It looks almost like an art installation. And you know how much I love natural stones. 

3. Glass Serveware at Fishes EddyEven before I stepped into Fishes Eddy I loved it. I had received a few wine glasses from my sister from there and I was so excited to see it. This display of glass cakestands and pitchers was by far my favorite. I would love to own one of the mint green cake stands one day. 
4. Decorative Paper

My friend and I spotted these fabulous hand crafted papers and I thought that they would make the perfect artwork. At around $3-$4 each they are very affordable too. Or course I found the peacock pattern. 

5. Bold Colors at the Met

Surprise, surprise my favorite part of the Met was the decorative arts area. They had entire rooms that were transported from Europe and re-built. These amazing pieces grabbed my attention. How fabulous are these colors--proving that everything always comes back in style (except overalls hopefully). 

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