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Wine and Dine Me

In San Francisco we are certainly lucky. The architecture of the houses is one of the really special parts of San Francisco. I am lucky enough to live in one of those traditional 20s classic apartments. The problem is though that it is sooo easy to slip into "traditional" mode with all of the details in this setting. I personally am prone to girly, traditional accents so it is hard for me to seer a little more modern.  

In my quest to modernize my aesthetic a bit, I have taken a hard look at everything in my space to really identify what it making it feel less than modern. Now let me clarify, I am not going modern modern, noooo that would never be me, just adding a few more modern touches to prevent my apartment from looking like it is the roaring 20s. 

Right now, if you recall my "dining" room looks like this(with a slightly different rug)...

The thing is though that those chairs aren't that comfortable and that table isn't that big. Love the plant, love the rack. (Oh, and that linoleum isn't going anywhere!)

I have been looking at a few options for dining combinations. I was inspired by these looks...

I am looking for something industrial using mixed materials (wood and metal) with a little hint of coziness. 

I love the idea of having a big table to work at with a little bit of personality.

Which of these four options do you like best?

Option #1: chairs, table, rug 
Option #2: chairs, table, rug 
Option #3: stools, table, rug 
Option#4: chairs, table, rug 

West Elm and CB2 were a huge inspiration for these four ideas! 

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