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Color Inspiration: Spring Vegetables

As I child I always loved when my mom would serve up artichokes. They are such odd creations--spiky points, tough leaves, with just a tiny reward at the end. 

These days I still was just as excited when I saw them in the grocery store. I forgot how beautiful the colors were. It turns out they are perfect inspiration. 

And there are also a few more spring veggies that fit this beautiful spectrum of color. 

Let's see how they fare in interiors...

*Note: Only three images?! In my quest for the perfect green and purple interior inspiration, I came across 99% atrocious images (think long scary neon green and purple nails, horrible purple flower duvet covers and lots and lots of icky, tacky wedding photos) and only 1% teeny weenie percentage good of things. Let this be a lesson that in interiors it is difficult to combine these colors together and do it well. I suggest sticking with a sagey, gray-green and just a pop of purple. 

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