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New Addition: Wall Plants

I have had several people ask me what to put above their bed. Often times people are scared of having something precarious perched over their head while they sleep. 

Living in San Francisco I know all too well about earthquakes and this is an actual legitimate concern. For awhile, I had a large wall-mounted shelf with three frames leaning on it. Then I got rid of the shelf and just hung the frames. I wanted to change things up and add a little modern, green element to it. 

I was all ready to buy one of these beauties. 

That was until I lifted one up and realized that it weighed about 30+ pounds, not only did i want that above my head but I also didn't want a giant hole in my paper-thin, very temperamental walls. 

So I ended up going with these pronged screws called a Thigmotrope Satellite. They are very simple but incredibly smart. You just screw them into the wall and wedge a air plant in. The are so striking and create great shadows. It is actually hard to capture how cool they are (they do look a little scary in the photos) but I love them. (ps you get a little sneak peek of my not-yet-finished bedding)

 If you want to get a set of your own you can order them from my favorite Bay Area garden store, Flora Grubb online or go visit them in person. 

Simple Leather

Color Inspiration: Tangerine and Pale Pink