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Some people ask me what my favorite blogs are and I would love to share them with you. I obviously follow more than 5 but these are my top favorite ones.

Did I miss a fabulous blog? Let me know!

not in any particular order...

SITE: http://www.dreamsandjeans.com/ 

WHY I LOVE IT: This lady has the best style. She posts lovely modern homes and clothing. The site is very simply designed so the content can shine.

FAVORITE RECENT POST: Questions for her readers. It was so nice to see who else reads the blog there are some great stories in here.

WHY I LOVE IT: This new mom always eats the most delicious food. I dont know how she stays so slim and stylish. She is a graphic designer so there is a great graphic-quality to her posts.

FAVORITE RECENT POST: This outfit was envy-worthy. I think the bright summer colors are fabulous. 

WHY I LOVE IT: Super healthy recipes that make even deserts good for you. I love the background on each of the ingredients and how they benefit your body.

FAVORITE RECENT POST: Caramelized onions AND fennel? What a delicious combination for a pizza.

WHY I LOVE IT: She cracks me up big-time. I think her posts are funny and helpful. I feel like we are just friends chatting away over lunch when I read her blog. I also think her style is perfect--a wonderful combination of vintage and modern. I want everything in her house (and to be friends with her)

FAVORITE RECENT POST: This Ryan Gosling/Gray post was amazing. I devoured that thing like a giant slice of chocolate cake. Now that is a good way to get design inspiration. 

WHY I LOVE IT: This is a highly-curated design site. The things that are selected range from totally-out-of-price-range to easily collectable. I like almost everything she features. 

FAVORITE RECENT POST: Also, every once-in-awhile she features a quote, they are usually obscure but very inspiring. Last week she posted this one, which I thought was very good.