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This weekend I spent a good part of my Sunday at work (which happens every once in awhile in advertising) but the upside was that I got to spend 4+ hours scanning Pinterest in between finalizing the presentation. Now I do like Pinterest, I think its an amazing site with all sorts of helpful information and beautiful aspirational pictures...but...people take it too far sometimes with the DIYs a la...

And some of the things make me want to barf...

I also learned that people are crazy about a) cleaning things and making their own cleaning solutions b) laundry rooms c) cute sayings plastered all over their house and d) unrealistic organizing.

Exhibit A

Just take some oranges and jam them in a mason jar with some vinegar...

Exhibit B

Duh! Everyone needs a TV in their laundry room.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

How does this work?

Is this real life?

Since I have now complained about Pinterest for a good part of the post, now its time to get to the good stuff. There are spaces that inspire you to try something new or to look at something in a different way. Here are some recent Pinterest treasures...

Like nothing I have ever really seen before.

A beautifully serene space.

I love the textures and the combination of patterns.

Lastly, this leather chair is just plain awesome.

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