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Truth be told I haven't been to the Alameda Flea Market in months. I was trying to stay away because I just started to buy useless things that crowded by tiny studio apartment.

So I decided to go again but only to look and dream of the things I would get. I also had a tiny shopping list of things I actually wanted to buy: a magazine rack, a few pieces of costume jewelry and a glass dome. Im not sure this is really a secret but, always go to the flea market with a list. Otherwise its overwhelming and you either a) buy nothing at all or b) buy something totally rediculous that you didnt need.

So here are the things I would dream to buy for me or someone else.

1 / Pair of Black Lacquer Chairs

These are incredible and they were only $150 for the pair!! They had awesome brass accents and shiny black laquer. I think that they would be relatively easy to reupholster. You could even do a fun fabric.

Look how pretty they look here...

2 / Green Velvet Box

I just love how this velvet is worn and the color of it. I would be such a standout in contrast with a modern table.

I love it with something like this...

3 / Wicker Rocking Chair and stool

The wicker is in really good shape and I love that this comes with a stool. Would be lovely on a covered deck or in a nursery. I would probably repaint it because I'm not really a fan of the white distressed paint job on this. 

Something like this peaceful place...

4 / Wheat Table

I have a weakness for gold things, I blame it on my mother and her love of gold-leafed things. This table is pretty, simple and classic. 

I would love to see it in a space like this...

5 / Metal Frame Chair

I of course didnt actually sit in it and test it out. It seems like it could really be something with upholstered arms and a little WD40.

It reminded me of something SFgirbybay posted a few weeks back...

6 / Wicker Bench

This bench has miraculously not been painted which leaves its beautiful original details showing through. Add this to a cold stone entry-way plus some greenery and boom you've got magic. 

Something a little like this..

7 / Glass dome

I actually bought this little guy and here it is at home. I thought it would be fun to put together little vignettes under its pretty glass dome.

Something like this would be right up my alley...

Or this...

8 / Pretty party jewels

Because everyone's gotta have a little sparkle. How modern does that braided on look? The only thing that give it away are the totally 80s lions as a clasp. 

That's all for this time. Hope you felt like you got to come with me to the flea market! Until next month!