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I always admired those travelers who arrived looking impeccable and rested. I like to think of myself of a pretty experienced traveler--I have been traveling ever since I was born. But I always can't sleep and wake up with a crook in my neck and black circles under my eyes. Here are few things I am packing in my bag to be prepared this time.

1.Magazines - One of my favorite parts of going to the airport is picking up a big armful of magazines.

2. 11in Macbook Air - The perfect lightweight travel companion for browsing the web and watching movies

3. Wisps - These little toothbrushes are perfect for one time use and freshening after a long plane ride.

4. Twistband - Gotta to throw some of these in the bag for a quick updo

5. Happy Socks - These colorful socks will keep your toes warm and stylish

6. Hairbrush - Perfect for after waking up and having static-ey hair

7. Kate Spade Passport Case - Easy to find in your bag

8. Cowl Neck Scarf - This cozy scarf will keep your neck supported and warm during the long flight

9. Eye mask - How cute is this design? Will definitely make you feel like sleeping beauty.

10. Josie Maran Lavender Spray - Refresh your face in the morning with this soothing spray

11. Justin's Almond Maple Butter - I love to carry a few of these packets around so I have a good source of protein with me, it's great with apples or by itself

12. Origins Peace of Mind - This minty formula is supposed to relieve stress and calm your mind, perfect for stressful travel

13. Baggu Bag - I have this bag on my wishlist. I love the color and the size seems very practical!

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