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Some years I am motivated by New Years resolutions and other years I am less enthused about them. This year I thought that I instead of making resolutions I would try to live by the tenants of my blog: to really live, be happy and always be inspired. Fresh off of my vacation I am ready to tackle these goals and over the next three weeks I would like to take you though what each of these words truly mean. Hopefully you will be inspired and a little enlightened. The content is different than what I typically do but I figure that after all of the buying and eating over the holidays it will be a welcome change!

First up, this week's theme is live. To me to live means to be alive, to really be living rather than just going through the motions.

The most important part of this to me to to not be passive but active in your life. It is easier to just let the days go by and blend together but you will get more out of life if you are trying new things and doing things that scare you. 

Today I wanted to pull together a fun collection of videos and books that show other people being alive and doing, rather than just getting sucked into the everyday. Perhaps some of these situations aren't that realistic but maybe on a small level they will inspire you to switch it up. 

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