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This morning I introduced you to live.happy.inspired month. For the second installment I wanted to explore another part of living...the more literal part of live. I have a fish and several plants around my apartment. I think that incorporating living things into your decor is essential.

Below I have listed some of my favorite living things that range from easy to take care of to a little bit more involved.

A few highlights...

First the plant on the left corner is a fiddle leaf fig tree. I have one of these in my kitchen and I just love the leaves. I discovered that you can buy them at IKEA for only $12.99 which is quite a deal. Just check to make sure your local store has them.

On the right hand side you will see this really cool idea called a click-and-grow planter, it is a battery powered watering system. They have some beautiful flowers as well as herbs.

The two orbs under the flowers are eco-spheres which I have talked about before. They are self-contained eco-systems with little shrimp and algae growing in them. They are literally no maintenance.

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