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I want to discuss something we dont really talk about much on here: saving money. I know...crazy talk. The truth is I love putting pretty things on the blog but that doesn't mean that I can buy all of those things. I am always looking for ways here and there to save a few dollars. Here are a few of my ideas but I would love to hear yours.

1. Cut Back on Taxis
...by walking, biking or taking public transportation. This is alway a hard one for me but if I am going somewhere during the day I will always try to do walk, bike or take the bus. Then at night when I am going home I can take a taxi for safety but no need during the day.

2. Make Snacks and Breakfast
...I am so guilty of stopping by the coffee cart in the morning and getting a yogurt parfait or a bran muffin nearly doubling the cost of my morning coffee. I cant give up my coffee (an Americano is my order) but I can give up the other stuff. I have been making my own granola bars which double as delicious snacks later on in the day.

3. Stop and Think
...this might be a silly one at first but when I am trying to save a few pennies I really try and think if I need something. The answer might be actually be yes but more-often-times-than-not, it is "no I really dont need that adorable tray or that millionth candle even though it smells incredible" Be happy with what you have.

4. Be Your Own Manicurist
...I love to get my nails done all fancy pansy but most of the time I just paint them myself while watching TV. See my post on building your own manicure kit and DIY!

5. Find Free Fun
...in San Francisco there is this awesome site called sf.funcheap.com and it rounds up all of the fun things going on during any given day in San Francisco. I'm not sure if this exists in other cities but I'm sure there are similar sites. The point being, get out and see what your city has to offer. Sometimes you dont have to go far from your doorstep to find something fun to do.

6. Give Back
...this is something that I admittedly have to do a better job at, but one of the best things you can do to save money and meet people is to volunteer. I'm a big fan of volunteermatch.org because you can be pretty specific with your search. Volunteering helps me stop thinking about Things (with a capital T) and focus on something outside of my life. Whether its pruning trees or organizing cereal, you can pick, but they both provide a fun activity and an opportunity to help others.

Those are just a few of my ideas but would love to hear yours too!

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